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artist • musician • designer • tech • writer

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I'm a musician, visual artist/designer, and writer and I live in Chicago with my two cats, Levi and Frankie. Born and raised on the east coast (New Jersey/Massachusetts) into an artistic family, I've been painting, drawing, playing music, and writing stories and poetry since I was a kid. I also work in the tech/IT world, and technology has been a huge part of my life for as long as I can remember. My mom worked as a graphic designer when I was in elementary school, so we had a Macintosh SE...on which I learned to type and create. To this day, I consider a computer to be an artist's most powerful tool.


I attended the Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah, Georgia and got a BFA in Sound Design, with a minor in Animation. I then moved to Brooklyn, New York, where I worked as an assistant engineer at various recording studios before stumbling into tech and getting Apple certified. After living in New York for nearly a decade, I moved across the country to California in 2015, first to Berkeley and then Oakland, and a few years later down to LA. In 2020 (yes, right before the pandemic!), I moved to Chicago to be closer to family and bandmates/friends.


If you're following along, you've probably counted at least six or seven different zip codes. While my adventures in geography have mostly occurred for financial and logistical reasons, I consider my environment to be a strong part of my identity as an artist and I often reference this theme in my work. I'm also a transgender man (I came out and started transition while I was living in the Bay Area in 2016), and I often write songs about this experience, in such a way that it's ideally relatable to everyone regardless of gender or sexuality.

As an artist, my main discipline is music. I'm a multi-instrumentalist who started with classical piano lessons and then taught myself to play guitar as a teenager. I am the founder and frontman of industrial rock band Machines With Human Souls. I also play bass in- and work with-  several Chicago industrial/post-industrial  projects, including Flood Damage, Tr8, Go Fight, and W.O.R.M. Click the Bandcamp link for the Machines With Human Souls page.

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